Selfmade/Repair Controller for iRobot Compact Charger Base

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Selfmade/Repair Controller for iRobot Compact Charger Base

Postby Serge_ISA » December 7th, 2018, 6:40 pm

First of all, excuse me for bad English. This is not my native language. The text is pretty big and I was too lazy to translate it myself, so I used Google Translator. :oops:

Selfmade/Repair microcontroller ATTiny13, completely replacing the native made iRobot. See the pictures:

iRobot compact base scheme:

Connection "repair" controller to the scheme of the Base:

Assembled for testing - up:

Assembled for testing - bottom:

Assembled for testing - complete:

Video of testing -

Here the firmware and project files -
Fuses setting:

The principle of operation of the iRobot charging base (see the original scheme):
1. The key Q5 is closed, the LEDs send IR commands, check the voltage level at the ADC-input ADP1. If the contacts of the base are free from the robot and other UFOs, then they will be about 3V through D11-R40, and at the input ADP1 will be about 2.8V - go to step 1.
2. If a robot arrived at the base contacts (equivalent to ~3.3 k), the level of the ADP1 changes to 0.65-1.7V - turn off the LEDs and turn on the Q5 key. As a result, the power supply unit voltage is applied to the base contacts, and through Q1-R37, the input ADP1 is connected to ground..
3. Five times per second (every 200 ms), we check whether the robot is still at the base or has left - turn off the key Q5 and check the voltage at the ADP1 input. If the voltage is about 0.65-1.7V, go to step 2. If the voltage is greater than 1.7V, go to step 1.

That's the whole "protocol"! :wink:
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