Selfmade IR remote and launch button for HOBOT

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Selfmade IR remote and launch button for HOBOT

Postby Serge_ISA » December 10th, 2018, 2:44 pm

First of all, excuse me for bad English. This is not my native language. The text is pretty big and I was too lazy to translate it myself, so I used Google Translator. :oops:

The project based on my favorite Atmel ATTiny13A microcontroller - is a 5-button IR remote control.

IR remote control and launch button for HOBOT:

The IR remote control operates in two modes - “Command Control” or “Manual Control”.
Depending on the operation mode of the IR remote control, four buttons out of five can transmit two IR commands. The mode of operation is switched by simultaneously pressing the buttons "<-" and "->". After 5 minutes after the last pressing of any of the buttons, the IR remote control “falls asleep”, and the operating mode automatically switches to “Command”. You can “wake up” the remote control by pressing the “STOP” or “UP” buttons.

Firmware -
When flashing, change only one fuse CKDIV8.

For the manufacture of IR remote control, I chose any remote that is suitable for the number of buttons. Its board has been modified and installed a new microcontroller.

Selfmade IR remote control for HOBOT:

For the launch button on the Hobot case, I used the same circuit, with only one button “auto-up then down” and without a transistor. The IR LED turns over and connects through a resistor directly to the microcontroller leg, the second leg to the ground. The board with the microcontroller is powered by the Hobot circuit itself and is connected to the CN4 connector on its board. The button is glued to the cover of the Hobot in one of two unused holes.

Connectors on the Hobot-168 board:

Launch button for Hobot:

Launch button connected to the board:

Hole in the cover for button:

Launch button on the Hobot:
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