Neato/Vorwerk Mag Tape Sensitivity possibility

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Neato/Vorwerk Mag Tape Sensitivity possibility

Postby glnc222 » January 12th, 2019, 11:51 pm

In another thread here I added a mag tape sensor to the Samsung Powerbot model which did not yet have it included in the design now used.
The sensor was based on the components used in the Neato vacuum, but I managed to set the response to the output at a more sensitive level than seems used in the Neato. The Neato sensor cannot always detect tape under carpet placing it too far away from the sensor, though it has worked in some cases.

The Neato mag sensor output can be used differently with the same avoidance effect by combining the output with the cliff sensor input to the cpu. Then the sensitivity can be adjusted to suit and might be more sensitive than the way Neato has designed their system. The interface to the cliff sensor would likely be different than in the Samsung shown above, the signals need analysis. Possibly some op amp circuit would be needed, not sure. I do not have the Neato to analyze anymore.

I do not know how good Samsung's own mag sensor works not having one of those newer U.S. models (not clear they have added it to European models, at least they had not a couple years ago even while adding it to U.S. models).
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