Ilife V5Pro / X5 / A4 / A6 Reviews, Information and EU stock

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Re: Ilife V5Pro / X5 / A4 / A6 Reviews, Information and EU s

Postby ZTCB1 » March 5th, 2018, 6:42 am

zoe17 wrote:Anyone have any updated reviews on the A4S? Ordered one on a whim from Woot. Have a Roomba 880 that seems to be having battery issues.

It's an updated A4 with a lot of fixed bugs, such as better side motor drivers, more reliable vacuum motors and some firmware/logic improvements. It's a decent unit, I've extensively run the older A4, on a daily schedule for more than a year and it's still doing fine. Most cons on this types of vacuums is their "random" pattern which will do around 80-90% cover of the floor area, and it can be a bit messy if you have an intricate home with long hallways and lots of rooms as it doesn't have a room-to-room navigation capability.

Brett wrote:Prepare to be disappointed!


And what makes you say that ?
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Re: Ilife V5Pro / X5 / A4 / A6 Reviews, Information and EU s

Postby zoe17 » March 6th, 2018, 12:18 pm

Thanks for the replies. So far the battery life is better than our 880. Pet hair/dust is what I am concerned with as our home is all hardwood and tile.
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Re: Ilife V5Pro / X5 Reviews and EU stock

Postby robocleaner » March 12th, 2018, 8:36 am

Brett wrote:I'll say what others are thinking...

That is a piece of sh!t!...

...Prepare to be disappointed!

I'd have to say there's an element of Brand snobbery going on here. On the one hand I'd agree with Brett - these ilife models appear to be no match for the $500-$1000 models that many on this forum have paid dearly to own...

But if you check Amazon reviews, many Neato/Roomba models at those much higher prices score 3 or 4 stars at best, with some specific models from those brands being seriously slated as utter crap despite those seriously high prices.

And these "sh!t" ilife models at just 25% of those inflated premium brand model prices score about the same... 3-4 stars.

So who is being disappointed... and who is being ripped-off as a "brand loyal" mug? The reality from actual Amazon buyers appears to be that many are indeed very happy with these cheaper models... even if in absolute terms they're perhaps not quite as good/thorough as a five-times-the-price "known-brand" product.
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Re: Ilife V5Pro / X5 / A4 / A6 Reviews, Information and EU s

Postby Brett » March 13th, 2018, 1:34 am

I cannot say that you are totally wrong, and I'm openly biased against this subset of machinery. I'm also the first to say I don't know that specific machine. I look froward to the cheapies being a match for the others - even on the value curve.

My view is not so much snobbery but based on seeing what comes in with these machines, not in the hands of those few mechanically-aware caring owners, but the Joe Bloggs man-in-the-street type of owners, and the frustrating difficulty of getting spares to sort the issues that result.

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