Recommendation for robot cleaner for me? (from the UK)

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Recommendation for robot cleaner for me? (from the UK)

Postby technocleaner » May 19th, 2017, 10:17 am

Hi all, new member here.

I had a Roomba about 10 years ago so this isn't my first time with a robot vacuum but I only had it for a couple of years and I know technology has moved on now. I'm not looking to replace my current manual vacuuming efforts, I'm looking for a robot to run regular in between cleans just to keep the room cleaner than what it would be otherwise.

I've got carpet all of upstairs (pretty much zero pile) and laminate downstairs. Kitchen and bathroom are tiled. I'd probably schedule it to run the whole of downstairs while I'm sleeping (once a week) and then probably do upstairs rooms one at a time each other day of the week while I'm out (as that way I can close the door and let it do it's thing).

I've got an expensive Dyson cylinder vacuum so I'm not looking for an expensive robo cleaner but I'm equally not keen on the cheapest one if it doesn't represent good value for money. So what's the most bang for buck I can get?

I've been looking at the Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum which seems to be pretty good bang for buck. Was wondering if there were any other options to consider?

(in case it helps, I'm in the UK and spending more than £400 will "probably" be a deal breaker even if it is better value for money. I say probably because I never say never lol)

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Re: Recommendation for robot cleaner for me? (from the UK)

Postby glnc222 » May 19th, 2017, 1:13 pm

Another Chinese firm Ecovacs has a Deebot with laser guidance similar to Xiaomi on more expensive than Xiaomi.
The older Roomba types with random nav all have cheaper Asian competition such as iLife, Eufy at Amazon. The more advanced types with higher suction, laser or camera guidance, premium brands Neato, Roomba, Samsung are all more expensive. Lot of Xiaomi owners reporting on German Roboter-Forum, some defective deliveries. Still can't beat their price, imported directly from dealer abroad.
I like Samsung for washable filters, nothing to replace, but I have to deep clean carpet. The newer 7000 series Powerbot is not listed at Samsung UK but is in France, though whether at stores yet not clear.

This new Haier (formerly GE Appliances) one is interesting if you can import it; other thread
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