iLife A4s How good it is?

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iLife A4s How good it is?

Postby BootloopBot » June 15th, 2017, 10:47 pm

Does anyone own one of these? Ive been thinking of giving one as a gift but my only concern is how good it is cleaning a whole small apartment? The cleaning area would consist of 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and the living room. About 100m2 at most. Anyrhing over $200 is not an option due to price.
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Re: iLife A4s How good it is?

Postby Brett » June 17th, 2017, 9:37 pm

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Re: iLife A4s How good it is?

Postby saba11 » June 19th, 2017, 6:33 am

It's pretty decent. In it's price range, ILIFE A4 can be considered as the one of the most functional, durable and reliable robotic vacuums. It does have its own drawbacks and problems but as a whole, ILIFE A4 can meet the minimum requirements people have. In the ILIFE A4 Review, you'll mainly see people complaining about the sucking power, navigation problems and the battery life.
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