Shark ION Robot 750

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Shark ION Robot 750

Postby Boomerang » October 24th, 2017, 10:27 am

Has anyone here tried the Shark ION Robot 750? If yes, let us know what you think? Thanks
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Re: Shark ION Robot 750

Postby mfortuna » December 5th, 2017, 9:07 pm

I have to start out by saying I received free IONs (prototype followed by production version) and was compensated (paid) for testing the IONs and providing feedback to Shark. This is my honest opinion and is not influenced by Shark.

I need to write a more detailed review but my impressions:


    Quiet, especially on carpet were there is no clacking from the wheels hitting seams or grout lines. I actually slept while it was running on my bedroom carpet.
    Long battery life of about 2 hours.
    Does a good job of cleaning my 1000 sqft downstairs and usually finds the dock before the battery goes flat.
    Powerful suction.
    Two side brushes seem to help cleaning.
    Soft touch bumpers (ala Roomba) mean less bumping into things.
    Has scheduling and WiFi.
    Comes with a remote.
    Magnetic strips work well but are a bit old fashioned.
    External On/Off switch to preserve the battery when not used for long periods.

    Does not have advanced navigation. Works similar to my old Roomba Reds. But it does do a good job cleaning despite not being as advanced as Neatos and the newer Roombas.
    I need to try with updated software but the WiFi function was flaky. I kept losing connection. Didn't work with my guest network which requires a password entered after connecting (web browser).
    Side brushes get ratty looking and will probably need to be replaced.
    Has trouble with the molding between my hardwood floors and tile. My Roombas and Neato have issues as well but usually escape. Sometimes the ION gives up with an error code.
    Sometimes stops with an error code even though it is not trapped.
    Soft touch bumper leaves space uncleaned near detected objects.

Would I buy one for the $320 asking price I see online? Probably but the Botvac D3 is tempting for just a little more money. But a big plus for me (and my wife) is how quiet the Ion is. I only have ancient Roomba Reds and a Neato XV11 to compare to but the ION is quiet enough to run while humans are in the same room. Maybe the newer Roombas and Botvacs are just as quiet but I have not tried them.
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