Xiaomi Vacuum Robot Time Out

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Xiaomi Vacuum Robot Time Out

Postby ItsMoolie » January 15th, 2018, 7:04 pm

Ive read similar posts but the solutions do not appear to work for me. I am trying to configure my Xiami Mirobot Vacuum. So far the sequence of events are:
1) I have installed Mi Home on my Samsung J7 phone
2) I have configure locale to be China Mainland and language to be English
3) Wifi on the robot is on and the wifi light has slow pulse
4) I sign on to Mi Home on my samsung
5) I click on the plus at the top right corner to add device. It shows My Robot Vacuum67F2
6) I click on My Robot Vacuum67F2 and it asks me to sign on to my network
7) I sign on to my network and it gets ti 26% saying just a sec
8) I get a connection to the wifi from "my robot vacuum67f2"
9) i get a connection to my network
10) at 45% approx, it says "updating connection status, just a sec" and wireless light flashes fast
11) at 90% I get connection timed out

Can someone please help me to overcome this as I have run out of ideas (and it is so frustrating)

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