Roborock S50/51/55/5x / Xiaomi V2 missing features?

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Roborock S50/51/55/5x / Xiaomi V2 missing features?

Postby jesi » October 30th, 2018, 3:02 pm

edit: Please keep this topic clear, only for related info!

Just got my S55, due i'm owner of V1 robot, i have Mi Home app connected to mainland china.
And as we know, there is some features in robot via china server, what are not available from other servers. But regardless of your location, you can log in and use china server with V1.

I paired S55 to my account, i notified for new firmware update.

Most intresting thing is no-go zone / barrier tape. It is not same what zoned cleanup is:

I have latest update from Google Play Store, but there is internal update for app:

Anyways, i did not update fw or app, just wanted to test new robot, but here is the problem now:

It does not allow do _nothing_, when connected to mainland china server.

I did reset robot's wifi and select region for EU (i'm in Finland), no update for fw or app anymore.
App and robot does work, it has zoned cleanup but nothing else "intresting".

I did reset everything again, select mainland china, then update app and FW, no luck for using app via mainland china.

Then i did reset everyting again, back to EU server with latest app and FW, no new features to be seen.

Some other things what i have tested in past 6 hours:

- faked phones location to mainland china
- had vpn to HK and connected phone / robot to that hotspot, HK ip and dns
- all available other servers than mainland china
- contacted to roborock customer service, had long chat via google translate, no resolution there, will try again.
- looks like it is not easy to get mainland china ip via vpn now

Ideas? Hacks? Anyone in China?, Anyone has vpn to China?

Some other forums/groups what have knowledge about this robot/cloud?

I'm a bit annoyed due this issue.......
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Re: Roborock S50/51/55/5x / Xiaomi V2 missing features?

Postby Flole » October 31st, 2018, 8:03 am

You could use an App I wrote called FloleVac, you can find it on Google Play. It allows all features without using the servers (but because of that only when you're on the same Network).
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Re: Roborock S50/51/55/5x / Xiaomi V2 missing features?

Postby BootloopBot » December 15th, 2018, 10:08 pm

As far a i know, the zone cleanup and virtual barrier features were first released in the V2 vacuum and a couple months later they added it to the V1 through firmware updates. So those features should be available.
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