First robot! Question about Neato vs Roomba

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First robot! Question about Neato vs Roomba

Postby Saphire » September 27th, 2012, 6:07 am

Hi all,
I'm not even sure if I'm posting this in the right place. But I've been trying to figure out what I should get for my first robot, and I'm totally lost. I'm a college student living in a basement apartment consisting of two large rooms, one with linoleum floor and one with a short, hard carpet. I'm very allergic to dust, and I don't want to vacuum more than twice a week, but my allergies are bad and I need something more.
Ideally, I don't want to spend much more that $300 on this thing, but I'll go to $400 if the extra $100 is totally worth it. So I was looking at the Roomba 581 or the Neato XV-11...

This is my understanding (and is probably wrong, feel free to correct!):
The Neato appears to be better... it has better suction power than the Roomba, it takes less time to clean because it cleans methodically, and it doesn't need lighthouses. So great, its better in every way, right? Except so many people seem to prefer the Roomba... why is that? Roomba doesn't seem to have any advantages here. (Well.. except that the Neato is HEINOUSLY ugly, but I plan on docking the robot under my bed so I can't base my decision on that!)

I have no pets, but if anyone can reccommend the best pet-specific robot or filter or whatever out there then I might be more inclined to that due to my bad dust allergies. I don't even know if the Roomba and Neato models I am looking at are the best for my situation, so other suggestions are welcome as well!

Any help or direction would be awesome! I'm totally clueless. Thanks :)
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Re: First robot! Question about Neato vs Roomba

Postby mfortuna » September 27th, 2012, 6:35 am

One advantage for the roomba is the random cleaning covers areas more than once so it may actually clean better. But it can also miss areas but if you run it a few times a week it will cover everything. I have an old roomba red and it cleans 4 rooms (1000 sqft) well. I don't own a Neato but I think it is a fine choice as well. The only slight negative, at least in the USA is the Neato doesn't have a side brush like the roomba. It seems to help cleaning a bit.

The 500 series is very modular so the user can easily replace mainy wear items. The Neato is more like the Roomba 400 series in that it is not modular and harder to work on.
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Re: First robot! Question about Neato vs Roomba

Postby Saphire » September 27th, 2012, 7:38 am

Thanks for the input! My thinking was that if the Roomba cleans areas more times in 1 hours than the Neato can in 15 minutes, I'll just run the Neato twice a day to get everything twice.

However, the side brush does sound important, especially to a device that already has trouble cleaning edges and walls. Would the side brush of the Roomba make it a more efficient in cleaning than the Neato? I was so convinced I was going to get a Neato 2 hours ago... but now I'm leaning toward the Roomba again. It may take a lot longer to clean a room but I've heard its a lot quieter than the Neato which is nice.

And then... there's that intense ugliness factor of Neato I still can't get over :P
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Re: First robot! Question about Neato vs Roomba

Postby Boomerang » September 27th, 2012, 9:22 am

I have both the Roomba and the new Neato. There are pros and cons to each. If you plan to use a regular vacuum along baseboards and corners (Neato has no side brush) then go with the Neato. I find Neato to have less maintenance than the Roomba. The Roomba on the other hand cleans corners and I find it to do an excellent job. Roomba requires keeping it clean...brushes, cleaning head, wheels, etc. with a vacuum which I do every 1 or 2 vacuums. I also perform this maintenance with the Neato but there are less parts to vacuum. I believe only the newest Roomba can pick up the very fine dust that you require with an allergy. Maybe someone here can verify this. Also the Roomba has Virtual Wall / Lighthouse which confines or opens the robot to other areas. The Neato has rubber strips to confine it. It is all a matter of choice. I don't think the perfect robot is here yet.
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Re: First robot! Question about Neato vs Roomba

Postby pomonabill221 » September 30th, 2012, 3:34 pm

I, too, like the fact the the Roomba is "random" in it's cleaning pattern and does multiple passes over the same area.
For carpeting, this multiple pass seems to be done at different angles as well meaning that the carpet's nap is cleaned from different angels as well.
For general pickup, the randomness of the Roomba, to me, means that if dust/bird dander and feathers (I have two parrots) is blown around to a previously passed area, more than likely the bot will pass again, from a different angle of attack, and pick up the smutch. I have seen this happen many times!
I had to laugh about your mention of the ugly factor of the Neato... I have thought that myself, and was surprised to see that I was not the only one that thought this way.... it is a matter of opinion though.
About the noise.. from the online videos of the Neato, it seems to really wind up and make a lot of noise. I believe the noise is from the vacuum motor as it is a high speed fan, but the ability to clean a surface is not in the vacuum's ability alone... the multi pass, different attack angles, side brush, rotating brushes, (opposed brush/beater bar)... all seem to make the Roomba a more thorough cleaner.. in my opinion (I haven't tried a Neato so this is ONLY an observation).
Good luck on your decision!
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