SR8855 wrongly reports full battery when not:it won't charge

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SR8855 wrongly reports full battery when not:it won't charge

Postby leavethemallbehind » July 13th, 2019, 8:53 am

Hi everybody.

Thank you very much for collaborating in this forum and reading my message.

I have been reading and searching here for more than a year and I learnt a lot about Navibots but I couldn't find the problem that I have thus I am writing to ask if something has experienced the same issue and how could I resolve it.

As soon as I put my SR855 in the charger it lights up and shows one charge bar of the three and almost at the next second it shows the three bars as if battery was completely loaded.

Then it remains charging like for ten more minutes and eventually shows the message "battery full" and makes the iconic sound.

But when I press the start button on the remote it shows the characteristic countdown but when it ends instead of start turning its brushes as usual and moving out of the base it won't do absolutley nothing, as if it was frozen.

Then if I'd put it apart from the base all the lights will go dark and it will behave as it wouldn't have any charge at all.

I am pretty sure it's not a matter of a faulty battery because I've changed it and tested in different SR8855, and the same thing with the base: I tested my robot with another base and the problem was exactly the same.

So, did any of you guys experienced the same issue? Do you have any idea about how could be solved?

I may add that the problem was kind of increasing through time, suffering of it only from time to time at the beggining, and having became a permant issue today.

I would appreciate very much any suggestions or ideas.

Thank you very much in advance.

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