Choosing a puppy (OOPS, I meant Roomba) to adopt.

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Choosing a puppy (OOPS, I meant Roomba) to adopt.

Postby plantluvver » November 26th, 2007, 11:46 pm

I saw the special on the 4260 at I robot which ends in a hour or two, and I thouhgt this might be the price I have been waiting for. Now I see HSN has the 53501 on sale. Also, Amazon has a remanufactured 4199 for 79.99.

I am a single person, single cat (with many fleas) family.

I am hoping that having the Roomba able to clean under the beds will help with the flea problems.

My home is hardwood floors and vinyl tile throughout, with steep stairs. And tile on the second floor. I plan to add area rugs later, but nothing larger than perhaps 5 by 8.

I am on a fixed income, and expect this to be my only Roomba for a LONG while.

I am mostly concerned with cleaning cabability, and manuveuring around, and relability and I don't care a whole lot about programming. I figure that I can alway "babysit" the Roomba if I need to.

Does ordering directly from Irobot have advantages over HSN? Is HSN good about returns, customer service, etc.?

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Postby Fraggboy » November 27th, 2007, 12:18 am

Mary, the 535 from HSN is a Great deal! Good price and an excellent vacuum! I'm not sure about their return policy. Never needed to use it.

One thing to keep in the back of your mind, is that for the first few times, you will need to "Babysit" your Roomba. Every home needs to be "Roomba-Prooed". Pick up small objects that you cherish, as well as socks, small clothing, etc. Roomba's might choke on them.

All Roomba's pick up pet hair very well. I have 1 cat and my Roomba's pick up the cat hair and all of the litter that she throws around. :lol:

I will be honest with you having a 2 story home. Most people get sick of moving the Roomba up and down the stairs, and get two of them eventually. You might be able to get 1 story per charge. It all depends on the square footage of your home.

You will find that the Roomb will pick up great, and it will manuever with style.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask. :D

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Postby richnorto » November 27th, 2007, 12:29 am

If fleas are an issue, put and keep a flea collar in the bin! This way, they may die before finding their way back out. This was recommended to me for the upright we used to use and has seemed to work... Just a thought!
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Thanks Chris,

Postby plantluvver » November 27th, 2007, 12:39 am

Meanwhile, I decided to go to Wikipedia, and according to them the
changes between the various generations of Roomba are material. I think I will go with the HSN price.

During the holiday period, they have an extended return policy, to take into consideration git-giving. I think I will go with them.

THey have a Scooba there also, and I may look into buying the pair. The Roomba might get lonely. It is the Scooba 335 for $220.

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Okay, it is time to start Roomba-proofing.

Postby plantluvver » November 27th, 2007, 1:34 am

Snce the 15% discount was for a single item, I bought only the Roomba. It will need to be content with terrorizing my geriatric cat. (She is thirteen and still runs out of the room when I enter.) Maybe I'll see more of her, as the Roomba invades her private spots?

A nice touch, with free standard shipping, the Roomba should arrive on the eve of my birthday.

Thanks for your help. In the end, I didn't do all of the comparison shopping that I usually do, which is just as well, because I ofte just get expausted, and quit.

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