EATR Robot is strictly Vegetarian

The creators of EATR are assuring the general public that, contrary to reports that they've managed to develop corpse-munching robots, their machines are programmed to stick to the menu. i.e., veggies. 

Bat Bots You Say? Researchers aim for something even smaller

Japanese researchers are working on insect bots. One obvious advantage of tiny maneuverable robots is their ability to navigate through the tightest spots to search for say, survivors trapped underneath a rubble. But to sniff out drugs stashed half a mile away? Yup, they can do that too.

New Spy Bot Is A Bat

Batman will never be able to save anyone in a real-life scenario, but bats can ... robot bats, that is. Researchers at the North Carolina State University (NCSU) are making substantial progress in making this sci-fi idea into a reality.

iRobot CEO Colin Angle Discusses the State of Robotics Today.

Tom Ashbrook recently interviewed Colin Angle, CEO of iRobot on his show at

Taking the Fly-Eating Robot Concept Several Notches Higher

Late last week, we brought to you the story of the fly-eating robot. Apparently, some innovative people had other, bigger things in mind. Robotic Technology Inc.

Tiny Robot Can Crawl Through Your Veins

You've heard of optic fibers used in medical diagnostics to see what's inside your intestines. Now they've got bug-like robots to study your veins!

Some Robots Eat Dust - Others, Flies

If you think you've had your fill of dust-eating robots, maybe you just need to take some time out to have a look at their carnivorous cousins.

Scratchbot uses Robot Navigation Sensors modeled after Rats' Whiskers

A group from Bristol Robotics Lab and the University of Sheffield recently announced a milestone in navigation sensors for robots. The concept is mainly based on how rats use their whiskers to feel the terrain and obstacles ahead of them.

HEPA filters (and other cool stuff) for Roomba now available.

I have resisted buying a Roomba for many years due to the fact that we are a family that seems to be prone to colds and the flue and like my mom, always insisted on a vacuum with a HEPA filter.  Finally, a HEPA filter is available for Roomba (along with some other interesting items) that pushed me over the edge to buy one.

iRobot's New MicroBot "Ember"

iRobot Corp. (NASDAQ:IRBT) has developed a new microbot for military applications -- the paperback-sized iRobot Ember!

iRobot designs a self-cleaning dock

Roomba will finally learn how to go potty, all by him or herself, if iRobot (NASDAQ:IRBT) follows through on a patent application published this year.

Meet the PCS Brain Robotic Controller

April 9, 2009
News Release

iRobot ConnectR quietly cancelled during CES

Without any official announcement, iRobot has quietly cancelled the long delayed ConnectR, citing poor feedback from beta testers.  The iRobot website still lists the ConnectR, and there was no announcement from iRobot of any kind. 

iRobot Launches youtube channel at CES - iRobot iTube

iRobot has announced the new iRobot online video channel at youtube, named iRobot iTube.  The channel is designed to give iRobot a place to feature videos from fans and consumers, so expect to see even more kitties riding a Roomba in your near future, including the following video - which is both amusing and slightly disturbing at the same time...

Looj 125, Looj 135 and Looj 155 Announced by iRobot at CES 2009

After iRobot slashed prices of the iRobot Looj in half this past Christmas, it seemed obvious that iRobot was clearing out the World's only Gutter Cleaning Robot to either discontinue the line or to make way for a new and improved model.

SmartMow Robot Lawnmower To Launch This Spring For $749

While there are already several Robotic Lawnmowers on the market today, they are all priced well above $1,000, and have not yet penetrated the consumer market.  iRobot is known to be working on their own Robot Lawnmower, but it looks like a new company called RoboLabs just may beat them to market. 

Is $69 low enough to get you to buy a Roomba?

As another example of retailers offering huge discounts in order to entice wary holiday shoppers, Amazon is selling a Brand New, oddly colored Roomba 400 for only $69.99 with Free Delivery today. (Edit: Currently SOLD OUT), And iRobot is offering 3 Robots under $100 and Free overnight shipping on orders over $150! (Expired 12/25/08)

The Roomba goes viral, thanks to a thrill seeking kitty!

iRobot scored a huge hit thanks to an adorable little kitty that seems intent on taking a ride and not letting go - the Roomba Robotic Vacuum cleaner is the latest star of the newest viral video making the rounds. 

Thanksgiving RoboParade

It's Thanksgiving, that day when robots everywhere put aside their toils and take time out from endless mental repetition of the thought, "kill all humans", to take part in traditional holiday festivities.

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