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The Bobsweep


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I have been a consumer of robotic cleaners and other toys, however, that’s all these gadgets have really been are adult toys. When I bought my first robotic floor cleaner, I thought it did a decent job vacuuming my floors for a while, but I was never fully satisfied with the results and ended up cleaning my own floors again. But then, a friend introduced a different robot vacuum to me, the Bobsweep, which I didn’t really know anything about; however, this appliance has shown me what a cleaning robot should be. It does what the others do—vacuum, scheduling, etc—but it mops and buffs the floors too! This is what made me decide to give the vacuum-bot idea another go. When the Bobsweep I ordered showed up, I found out that you have to connect the mopping attachment for it to mop, which is still great; my floors are always clean enough for my mother in law to stop by and I don’t do the work. 

Bobsweep cleans my entire house (1400 sqft) in one cycle of battery life before needing to charge again, which was a problem with my last vacuum robot. The battery wouldn’t last long enough to clean that much space. And it returns itself to its charger and I don’t have to do anything really, except tell it when I want it to clean during the week and empty out the dustbin of course. But even that is a really good size (1-liter) and bag-less; so I only have to empty it every week and a half, or so. 

The coolest part to this machine is the UV light. I had never thought about using UV rays to disinfect and kill bacteria until I saw it on the website; but I thought this was a great idea and semi-futuristic—which, let’s be honest, I’m a sucker for. Apparently it kills 97% of the bacteria growing on your floors.

Also, it’s RoHS certified (California people, you know what I’m talking about) and has an HEPA filter. RoHS basically means, this appliance and all of its parts were manufactured and certified to the highest environmentally safe standards and as well as being free of harmful chemicals like cadmium. Go green!

This Bobsweep robot-vac has really changed my view of what a robotic appliance SHOULD be, and I am happy to say I will continue to buy Bobsweep products.



kool! but can u like replace the UV bulb if it wears out?

Bobsweep vacuum

Yes, the Bobsweep vacuum is a game changer, I just press a little button and the Bobsweep Standard does all the work for me!
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