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It was an absolute pleasure ordering my Charter cable connection through I was highly impressed by the well-informed agents, who not only guided but also helped me choose the most affordable package. It was not that I didn’t want to spend on my entertainment or communication needs, but it was simply me being reluctant. I am in a new state, in a new town and the people living around me do not know me at all.

Charter Cable – Spectrum Triple Play Select Airs More Than 125 Channels

I was unable to decide which package to choose. I mean all the three packages were great - Triple Play Select, Triple Play Silver and Triple Play Gold which was the premium offering 200 + channels.


As I said above, it was more of me being in a cautious state of mind. I am not much of a mover. I have mostly lived in one place all my life. However, now I am beginning to think I have wasted my time procrastinating staying in one place. Moving is fun if you find friends like Charter cable and Charter Internet.


You must have guessed, by now, which package I chose? That’s right, and I went with ‘Triple Play Select.’ The fact that I can use all the three services at the same time: HD cable TV with DVR, Internet and a fixed phone at home, makes things simpler and worthwhile for my home as well as business affairs.


Blazing Fast Internet
The speed I am getting in the house is 100 Mbps, which is pretty fast. I use cable internet on my personal computer sitting at the end of my living room. It is quite beneficial as I often have to download large files, probably, in GBs. And Charter internet does that in very less time. However, WiFi surfing and download speeds are slower because mobile connectivity uses a different communication infrastructure altogether.


Due to this result-driven Spectrum package, I am completely satisfied to the core because sometimes my wife and kids are using Charter Internet simultaneously, but we don’t experience slower rate data transfers or reducing surfing speeds. The high level of reliability goes to show Spectrum’s commitment and keeping up with their word. There are no data caps so we can all use the internet at the same time.


I also got a free modem and a security suite without any extra premium along with my Triple Play.


Capitalize on both Local and International Calls
I always keep a landline connection on premises. It reminds me of those days when we would only have one physical telecommunication line in the form of an analog phone. But Charter home phone is nothing like that. The 28 useful dialing features make it a lot more helpful internet phone service. With that being said, I can call anyone in the US or Canada (a couple of other countries included) countless times within the given time frame of package continuation. How amazing is that? I can call my work partners, friends living in other states, and business associates in Canada and Mexico.

Remotely Access Voicemails

The block feature is particularly interesting because instead of putting the phone down like we used to do in the past, I can simply block unwanted numbers by the stroke of a key. Moreover, I can manage my home device from anywhere even when I am not at home via ‘Voice Online Manager’. I use it on my mobile to check for any voicemails.


Tempting Silver and Gold Packages
Showtime and HBO are part of the silver and gold packages, which is indeed very attractive! I settled for the basic deal mainly to discover the quality and ability of Spectrum to travel the distance. Hands-down praise for for guiding and helping me come to this conclusion. It is on my to-do list switching to the Gold package once and for all. As soon as I sort some personal things out, I’ll make this transition. I want to be hooked to “I’m Dying Up Here” as I love this comedy. “Billions” makes the top of my drama list. 


Along with Showtime, Charter cable Gold package has what you call the cream of the crop channels including TMC, NFL, NFL Redzone, Cinemax, etc. Charter cable completes me! I would rather not discuss this with my wife because this is what I usually say to her.

Installation Charges not included!

The installation team took additional charges for setting it up. I would have happily agreed to them if I knew precisely how Spectrum would perform. Anyways, it wasn’t much of a deal because I wouldn’t be writing in their favor if it was. The enigma here to solve is finding a balance between patience and overflowing expectations to enjoy any of the packages that Charter offers to its customers. 

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