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If you are a Star Wars Fan, you will love the Interactive R2-D2 Robot from Hasbro.  They have combined some great programming with a few sensors to interact with the person playing with the droid.   But, be prepared for R2 to disobey you. . . 

He has some funny quirks and moods to entertain you.  He includes a can holder to bring your favorite beverage to you, and a compartment which you can store your intergalactic items.  This R2-D2 has been out for a few years, but is definitely worth getting for the Star Wars fan(s) in your household. Even if you get bored with it, it really looks good and will compliment your Star Wars Collection.

Good Boy



Un-boxing R2-D2:

            The Interactive R2-D2 was packaged very well.  Amazon packaged it well from shipping harm.  The actual packaging packs R2-D2 very securely.  It is very simple, and very economical due to the majority of it is made with plastic.  I didn’t check, but I think it would be safe to assume it’s recycled plastic!!

Outside Box

















Inner packaging





















































Package Contents:

            You receive the Interactive R2-D2 Unit, the Owner’s Manual and a package of 3 parts.




































Owner’s Manual/Quick Reference Guide:


The Owner’s manual covers how to install the batteries, referencing the correct direction in which you can program R2-D2 to move in, switching to the different modes, and what to do if R2-D2 doesn’t follow your directions.  There is a lose sheet that covers the movements R2-D2 can perform, and on the back side, it shows all of the commands in a flow chart.  I find that the Owner’s Manual and the Command Card cover how to operate R2-D2 very well.  You will want to keep the Owner’s Manual and reference sheet inside R2, so you have a copy of the commands.



Physical Size:

The Interactive R2-D2’s dimensions are: 13.2 x 13.2 x 17.8 inches


Operating R2-D2 via Companion Mode:

The Interactive R2-D2 starts in this mode.  There are 10 commands in this mode, which you can start out playing with your R2-D2. Some of the commands include, Light Beam, Play Message, Timeout, and do you remember to name a few.  If you don’t want to say these commands, you can move onto the other modes available. 

**NOTE** R2-D2 travels over my short pile carpet good.  If you have a taller pile carpet, R2-D2 might have issues navigating your floor.  Also, R2-D2 can’t detect stairs.  Make sure to keep R2 away from stairs, or make sure to enable the Wheel-Lock.  R2-D2 will start roaming around on its own if you don’t talk to him.

Activity Sheet



Operating R2-D2 via Command Mode:

Command mode is where you can move R2-D2 wherever you would like.  You start out with, “Hey R2” . . . “Command Mode”. . . “Turn Around” . . . “X unit(s)” X ranges between 1-5.  Once you finish this, R2 will execute the command immediately.  Some of the commands are, Turn Around, Go Forward, Turn Right, and Turn Left.  R2-D2 will execute the command immediately.

Operating R2-D2 via Course Mode:

Course mode is a little different than Command Mode.  This mode you will give R2-D2 several commands to perform at once, instead of running 1 command at a time.  Once you are finished programming R2-D2, you can execute the course which he will follow.  You can store roughly 20 commands before R2’s memory is full.  He will keep the course in his memory until you overwrite it, or by turning R2-D2 off.




Ø  Owner’s Manual is very thorough in explaining what you need to know.

Ø  Wheel Lock is very nice, and is activated every time you turn R2 on.  You can have R2 on a table and enjoy his witty sayings and play a game of “Spin the Droid”.  Side Note: I'm sure R2-D2 is not water/beer proof. ;) Keep that in mind at parties...

Ø  There are a few “Easter Eggs” programmed into R2-D2.  Meaning, there are some hidden commands you can say which R2-D2 will respond.  I could tell you which one I found so far, but I will leave it up to you to find them.  *HINT* You can Google them if you like.

Ø  R2-D2 understood my voice very well.  I was generally 2-3 feet away and background noise was minimal.

Ø  R2-D2 follows your voice.  Meaning if you are on a particular side, and you say “Hey R2”, he will turn his dome to face you.

Ø  The microphone and sonic sensors work very well.  Very good programming.

Ø  Resetting R2 is very easy.  Execute “Reset System” will get R2 back to the beginning and a refresh.




Ø  R2-D2 loves batteries.  I would strongly suggest one invest in rechargeable ones.

Ø  There are 2 different types of batteries, which one might not have on hand (4 AA, and 4 D).

Ø  R2-D2 had to be reset, and in some instances turned off and back on for R2 to work properly.

Ø  The projector part (Which lights up) is very cheap. The paint was leaking light, which looked bad.

Ø  A very stringent temperature range needs to be kept to have R2 operate correctly (77-65 Deg. F).

Ø  Every time you turn on R2-D2, it takes roughly 10 seconds before R2 will respond.  They call it “Warming Up”.  I would hope that R2 doesn’t have a tube inside which needs to be warmed up!!  Maybe they are calibrating the sensors??

Ø  Keep R2-D2 away from stairs.  R2 unit doesn’t have stair avoidance.  Even though this is well documented in the Owner’s Manual, people might forget about it and R2 might take a tumble down the stairs.  If you don’t talk to R2 while he’s on, he will roam around.





            Interactive R2-D2 droid can easily be a huge hit for Star War’s fans big and small.  R2-D2 has the potential to keep people entertained for hours.  R2-D2 has a large library of commands, and games one can play.  R2-D2 didn’t have any issues recognizing what I was saying.  You have to make sure there is very little ambient noise going on while talking to R2.  You have to understand that sometimes R2 will disobey, and act like a child.  At first, you might think he didn’t understand you.  Think again.  A quick tap on his head should change his mood.  Battery consumption is rather fast for me.  That might be due to my “D” batteries being cheap. If you plan on playing with R2 a lot, invest in rechargeable batteries. R2-D2 did freeze up on me where he wouldn’t recognize my voice or by tapping his head. I had to turn him off and back on again.  Even if a person gets bored with R2, one can display R2 with the rest of their Star Wars collection.

Get the R2-D2 Interactive Robot


customized R2


that r2d2 look sweet


looks super awesome


Have you tried R2 with rechargeable batteries. The manual recommends alkaline (1.5 volts) and rechargeables are only 1.2 volts. I just bought one and don`t want to waste money on batteries and a charger if they don`t work. Other than that, this is the coolest! I can hardly wait to spring it on my grandkids!

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