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So, here is my first review. First, thank you for this site. I’m following this site about 6 months and I found it very helpful!

Yesterday I receive my brand new Hom-Bot (Roboking) VR6170LVM. I ordered it from ebay, direct from South Korea.

At the first look I was really surprise how great she looks. Yes, for me the robot is female and I call her Min-suh. Please don’t judge me ;-)

Unfortunately the two bolts from the plug connector are a little bit dicker then the ones from Switzerland. So I had to change the plug connector before starting the charging over the base. The base is also the only way to charge her. Not like the roomba where you can connect the robot direct to the cable. But that is not a problem, maybe only if you go on holydays and you want to take her with you. But I would probably never do that.

As I put her on the base, she starts talking to me in Korean. No idea what she was saying but it must be something like “Hi master, I’m here to serve you” :-) The led on the top started to flash and also the battery symbol lights up, so I was happy and leave her alone.

After 3 hours it seems like she was completely full. At that time I didn’t have an owner manual in English, just in Korean.
I have to say that the seller from ebay send me an owner manual but I just didn’t look at my e-mails until this morning, shame on me.

Because I had no clue how to start the cleaning process I just touch over the buttons. Well, there are no normal buttons, the buttons are capacitive. So it feels like touching an Iphone! I really like her
I know there are some manuals in this forum from the older models but I was to lazy and to excited to go to the computer and read the manual. But it was easy, there are just four buttons. So she starts with cleaning after tipping around.

I was really surprise how quit she is. I was think she is defect or even worst, useless! But she does her job, the floor behind her was clean.

She has two cleaning modes, ZigZag and space extension. I let her run on ZigZag mode. Probably not the right chose for me living room but she reaches almost every part. She had some problem by the tables and under the chairs but the roomba had the same problem. The edges were also absolutely clean. And she don’t touch any wall or chair legs, she just use the brushes to reach the edge. This is good if you have something breakable on the floor.

The navigation through the room works fine. I mean, I don’t understand always what she was doing but she has definitely a system. Maybe after some more runs I begin to understand her better. She is a woman so it can take a long time :-)

After 40 minutes she was finish and said something and returns to the base. When she reached the base she said again something. But I still don’t speak Korean!

After she cleaned my floor, I had to clean her. But that was easy and fast. Just open the top, take the bin out, walk to the garbage can, open the top of the bin, empty the bin and put everthing backr. Much easier then the roomba and no dirt goes back on the floor.

In the end I was looking around if she really cleans everything. Unfortunately the last parts of the floor are not as clean as I expect it. I hope it was because the bin was to full. The bin was really full and the filter was blocked with dust and fluff balls. I wasn’t cleaning for 10 days. So, I will run her every day and then we see if it gets better.
So all in all she made a great job. The floor was clean and I’m happy with her!

This evening I will run the second test, this time in space extension mode. And maybe I will read the manual too, damn I’m so lazy!

Apropos manual, I have an English electronically version in PDF format. Unfortunately I don’t have an idea where to upload it. If someone knows how and where, let me know. Or I send you the manual and you do it for me, still lazy.

If you have any question, just let me know. I will try to answer them all. I know how useful it can be.



Cool! :)

I really want one but whenever I check, its always $800!!!

Second hand

@szymonrules That is because the US Dollar is really low at the moment. But that makes it cheaper for me ;-) I always like to try new robots, so I think in about 6 months or less i will sell the robot. If you are interested in a second hand, let me know. Ray

user manual

Hello Ray, Can I have a copy of the user manual in english? I only have the french manual. Cindy


Nothing news from previous model...2010 Model 2010 in italy you can buy it at €399 (sometimes). When it finish cleaning it says sometimes like: "finished cleaning....searching charging station" when it arrives at the base: "starting battery charging" If you not empty dust basket, before the next cleaning : "please empty dust basket" I hope that they improved edges detection with new models! bye


I wouldnt mind a second hand robot! :)

Hai, anyone suggest me good

Hai, anyone suggest me good automatic vacuum cleaner in India

User manual in English

Dancin and/or Ray, Can I also get a copy of the user manual in English? I'm learning German before French, so its a bit of a challenge! Thanks.

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