Robomow RX series mower for small to medium lawns. Finally there's an affordable robotic lawnmower!

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Since I was so impressed with the Robomow I purchased several years back, I've been waiting for the price to come down so I can buy one for the other yard without carrying it over manually.

This new model from Robomow starts at $699, which I believe is the sweet spot for those who wish to never mow again. It is just as effective as previous models were, without the bells and whistles that inflate the price to ridiculousness. There's no theft alarm, no app control, no gps and no multi-zone capability, but at this price you get what you pay for... a machine that will scratch one of the most hated tasks off your chore list, mowing the lawn. And it does a better job than you ever will, trust me on that. Robotic mowing has some advantages over manual mowing, which I'll get into later.

Installation was simple. This mower was a real breeze to set up. In under an hour we had it mowing the lawn without a single setback. It even made it into the base on its own on the first try, which was more challenging with my earlier Robomow, which took several adjustments to get it to dock. We love the new look too...It's got a real cute design that looks like a beetle, it's super compact and light, with large, simple controls. The build is high quality, doesn't feel cheap at all, the plastic and control panel have a real premium feel, definitely not made in China. The wheels are knobby and the rubber is soft and grippy to reduce slippage and lawn damage from spinning wheels.

One issue is its lack of hill climbing ability compared to the other models. We tried this unit in the front yard which is currently being mowed by our old RM model, but there's a slope where it meets the street that this new mower can't climb. It just spins and spins in place while the trusty old RM 510 scoots up the hill without breaking a sweat. So we designated the new mower to the back yard which is perfectly level. This mower has a floating deck which allows the blade to follow every curve allowing for a much shorter cut, down to half inch. The cutting height is easily adjusted with a small knob on the side of the unit, with a handful of pre-set heights. I had the best results starting out by first manually mowing the lawn, and then using the Robomow a few times per week to maintain the freshly manicured look at all times. We started with the highest setting and for the first few days gradually worked down to the lowest cut which leaves the lawn in a luxurious super-soft carpet-like state. There's never any clumps of clippings lying around, no thatch or cut lines to speak of with this mower. The tiny clippings from frequent use constantly fertilizes the lawn making it dramatically greener and is also more resistant to dog damage and weeds. We feel safe around the Robomow because it shuts down the motor if it bumps into any object, although great care must be taken with pets, our dog lays on the grass and if the mower comes up he doesn't move and risks his tail going under the blade so we use extreme caution and make sure everything is picked up and pets are away.

So I conclude that this is a great product if used correctly, the price is right for what it does, and I recommend it for anyone who has a small to medium sized lawn and never wants to mow again. Our old one has been going strong for 5 years and never had a single issue. Still on the original batteries and still getting 3-4 hour cuts. So these robots are built to last, some say 8-10 years of trouble free mowing with almost no maintenance. If you can afford it, and if you have a dishwasher and love it, go out and get one of these mowers. It's the smartest investment you can make in your lawn.


Barrier Wire

Does the barrier wire have to be at or below ground level?  Can it be attached to a fence instead?

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I am a newbie but I have

I am a newbie but I have bought a Robomow RS 612 and reading the directions it seems that the barrier wire must be run about 12 inches from the edge of the perimeter.  The robot mower actually runs over the wire on its centerline.  I could be wrong though.

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