The Miraculous Roomba 960

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I have owned 7 models of Roomba vacuums in the past decade. This is by far the biggest improvement I have seen so far! The quality and finish are top notch. It is fairly quiet for a vacuum cleaner. You can be talking on the phone or watching tv while it is in use. The iAdapt 2.0 navigation is phenomenal! It tracks exactly where it's been in a back and forth motion so every inch of your flooring is covered. The app shows you exactly where it cleaned and how long it took. So far after about a dozen runs the unit only got stuck once which is a huge improvement. The only negative thing I can say is it would be nice if the battery lasted a couple hours before it need to be recharged. But to combat this the unit returns to it's base when needed, charges and resumes right where it left off! Pretty impressive. The suction could be a bit higher and the dust bin bigger but those are things I can live with because it is finding dirt I didn't even know I had. Saves you lots of time and it is so nice to come home to a freshly vacuumed home especially if you have furry residents.



Thanks for good review

Good review thanks! I am going to buy robot vacuum for my wife on birthday. Don't know what is better 960 or 980. I found good article about comparison roomba 960 and 980, but have some uncertainty....980 cost more on 200+-$((( so I think may be better 960)))

Most interesting about robot vacuum cleaner

960 all the way!

The only difference for the extra $200 is the carpet power boost feature and the longer battery run time. The run time is not a huge deal since it can just return back home and recharge. My 2500 square foot home takes my 960 about 3 hours and 15 minutes with one recharge time of 1 hour and 15 minutes so it's actually only cleaning for 2 hours. The square footage is needs to clean is not the same as the total of your home. Mine only has to clean 1382 because of furniture and obstacles. The carpet power boost has not really had any proof of cleaning the carpet deeper or better according to testing sites. One final thing is I have seen the exterior finish on both units and the 960 is much more attractive unless you like a brown smoky color instead of a titanium silver. Also, which iRobot does not recommend, is if you want the same run time as the 980 then buy the blue XLife Extended Life Battery. Mine will run for 2 hours instead of 75 minutes before recharging.

960 will do the job perfectly!

I agree with the above comments, $200 for extra battery life doesn't really make sense when the robot comes back to charge on its own anyway. The carpet and rug booster is a nice feature, but my 960 has never had any problems on carpet so it's a feature that is not really needed. The 960 will continue to be the best Roomba until one is released with features that really make a difference. 

I agree regarding the power for deeper cleaned carpets

I agree regarding the power boost not being any proof for a deeper cleaned carpet. I like my Roomba, but I use it only for light cleaning in between major heavy cleaning with a good vaccuum. In my opinion, the Broomba is not for heavy duty cleaning.

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