Bumper 4xxx

Roomba 4xxx Bumper Sensors exposed


What I post below, is at your OWN RISK!! By performing these steps, you WILL void your warranty!!!! I hope iRobot will make it easier for the consumer to clean the IR sensors in the future!! By doing this, it would save alot of money for iRobot, and headaches/time for the consumers. Less Exchanges!

IF you are having issues, with your Roomba going in circles, with backing up, and jerky behavior, then the bumper sensor(s) are probably dirty. They are IR sensors, so dust, can block the path, and the roomba can think it's hitting a wall, etc, thus backing up with going in circles, etc. iRobot hasn't made it friendly to clean these sensors, but if your Roomba is OUT of warranty, then you can take off the front bumper via the 4 screws. it's hard to wiggle the bumper off, due to the handle catching the roomba body. I find that rocking the bumper back and forth on each side, will jar the bumper loose.

But don't pull too hard, cause there is little play in the wiring harness connecting the IR sensors on the bumper itself. You can note the harness connector in the BLUE rectangle. Be very careful when you take it apart. I use a micro screwdriver to pry both sides up and free. I wouldn't suggest pulling on the wires itself. When you finally have the bumper off, I would take some air, and go to town in there!! If you never had it off before, you will find it's very dusty under there. The RED rectangle is showing 1 side of the bumper sensor. There is another one on the other side. I use the can of air while working the bumper in and out. Once I'm done, you can use a "Q-Tip", and gently rub the IR sensors clear of debris, and/or light dust from them.

I do this roughly once a month, and I never had any issues with my Roomba going in circles WHILE backing up. Hope this helps!!




Better IR Sensor Pics

Anyone know what the proper

Anyone know what the proper power/resistance specs for the bumper sensors are? Both my sensors are "stuck on". Cleaning didn't help. I took my 4210 apart, and from what I can tell, they are IR sensors, but my IR Camera isn't picking up any light like it does for the cliff sensors. So I'm guessing it's busted. Before replacing the PCB I'd like to verify the sensor is supposed to be emitting a light and can.

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