Codes 4xxx

Roomba 4xxx Beep codes

If your Roomba plays the "Uh-Oh" sound, with beeps, take note of the beeps, and find out what's wrong with your Roomba.

"Uh-Oh", plus 1 beep:

The main brushes are stalled. Turn the Roomba over, and remove the wire bale. Take out each brush, and look for something wound up in them preventing them from spinning.

"Uh-Oh", plus 2 beeps:

The side brush isn't turning. See if there is anything caught around the brush. If not, take off the brush by removing the screw, and removing the brush. Remove any debris caught underneath.

"Uh-Oh", plus 3 beeps:

The vacuum isn't running. Make sure to remove the filter, and clean it out, as well as emptying the Dust Bin. Take off the grill via a screw driver, and make sure you can move the fan blade around, and remove any debris.

"Uh-Oh", plus 4 beeps:

One of the drive wheels are stuck. Turn the Roomba over, and make sure you can freely, but with resistance, turn each wheel, and press the wheel in and out of the Roomba body a few times. You can turn the Roomba over, and press the Clean button to resume cleaning.

"Uh-Oh", plus 5 beeps:

The Cliff Sensor(s) are inoperable. Turn the Roomba over, and examine all of the cliff sensors, and make sure they are free of debris. You can clean them out with a "Q-Tip", and compressed air.

"Uh-Oh", plus 6 beeps:

Roomba's wheel drop sensors are overloaded. Your Roomba is stuck. Free the Roomba, and press the Clean button to resume cleaning.

"Uh-Oh", plus 9 beeps:

The Roomba's Wheel Drop Sensors have failed during startup test. Contact iRobot for service.

"Uh-Oh", plus 10 beeps:

Roomba's bumper is not registering obstacles. The Roomba think it's stuck, since it hasn't bumped into any obstacles in a while. Press the Clean button to resume cleaning.

The Roomba plays an Eh sound:

The Cliff Sensors are dirty, or inoperable. If they are clean, contact iRobot for service.

Roomba plays a tune while the Power Button is flashing Red: The battery is low, and needs recharging. If placed on the Home Base, connect the charger directly to the Roomba.

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