ProTech Robotics - Horrible Experience

Sent my less than a year old Roomba 535 to this outfit.  $50 just to send it.  Sent to them in October, took until January to get a response, which was they could fix it for $455.  I only paid $225 for the unit NEW!  I pointed this out and they just said it's not their fault if parts to fix exceed cost of purchase.  They "insist" on fixing it to be like new.  Unit ran fine, just would "circle" instead of normal pattern.  Do not believe this was such a comprehensive problem that whole unit needed to be "replaced" at higher cost than purchasing a new one. So they offered me $25 toward purchase of a new one. And flip response from technician was insult to injury.  I had to pay them $25 to ship it back (It only cost me $12 to ship to them but they add packaging and handling charges to return it even though I provided the packaging!)  So I wasted $75 and 3 months of time but I was not going to let them keep it and re-sell it.  Robbery!

STAY AWAY from this company.  Is there a reputable roomba repair company out there?


Same experience

I actually feel better that someone had an equally horrible experience with this "company". They are extremely rude, make you agree to a ton of restrictions (basically kidnap your vacuum and force you to repair it), and charge you a MINIMUM of $100 labor for any evaluation/repair ($50 just to send it in + minimum of $50 labor for the repair). Then they tried to claim my battery was completely dead when it was working fine before I sent it in. I couldn't refuse their overpriced replacement battery or I'd have to agree to even more restrictions like no warranty and paying for return shipping. Trust me, you'd be better off just buying a recertified roomba than getting caught in this racket. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ANY COST!!!!

Mostly mods but some repair

I can't do the volume of repair that ProTechRobotics does but I do offer some repair functions for Roombas only. Check my website for alternatives:

ProTech Robotics - unethical

I ordered a used main board for Roomba Discovery and they sent me one with a common, well known defect; it does not charge the battery. Avoid them.

ProTech Robotics-Crooks-scammers-unethical

You'll wind up paying them $500 for a repaired robot or you can go buy a new one for $330. This is the first time since Al Gore invented the internet that I've been swindled by an online business. They make their living on shipping charges and hoping that you will donate your Roomba to them for parts instead of paying them $40 to return it. Then, if you pay them the $40 to return it they become mean-spirited and decline the PayPal payment and then require the payment be made as a Money Order. . .come on! Avoid losing money by dealing with them! BTW, have you noticed how a Google of this site only allows you to easily see the first couple of comments in which Protech employees lauded their own work. The more recent comments are buried. . .

My experience

BUYER BEWARE when dealing with Protech Robotics! I agree with all negative comments listed on this blog! On Feb. 28th, Protech Robotic received my Roomba 4225 that I sent in for diagnosis and repair. I sent an email on Mar. 7 requesting an update, as I had heard nothing. I received an email on Mar. 8 (7 business days) saying the unit had been "logged in". On Mar. 20 (8 business days) I sent another email and received a return saying the unit had begun evaluation. After another 11 business days, on April 4 I filed the claim with Paypal. On April 5 I received an email saying the evaluation was completed and due to be sent to me that afternoon. However, at this point they could do nothing without the claim being dismissed either by me or PayPal. Of course, once you dismiss a claim, it can’t be refilled! On April 6 I requested the unit be returned and was told that was not a problem; however, the claim would still need to end before they could do anything. Unfortunately, due to my filing a claim I would need to pay the return shipping by certified bank draft or money order (Paypal isn't good enough?). The return shipping would be $28.15 (it cost me $21.16) Really? I felt like I was being blackmailed in order to get my property returned. I paid $49.95 for the eval, but I had no right to see it? In addition, all emails I received seem to be a response to mine. Coincidence? Paypal investigated but evidently felt I was on the wrong side. I’ve since decided this is a lost cause. The roomba was dead, as was the battery I sent with the unit. I’m out $75, but I’ve learned a valuable lesson even at 60+ years. “Stars” on a website don’t necessary mean anything, especially if there are only 24! If I had checked further, I would have found the truth. Hint! Shop eBay for a replacement robot! Lots of good deals and much cheaper than Protech Robotics. I picked up two new robots for $160!

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