Review of the Neato XV-11 – “The Roomba Killer”

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Neato XV-11 Robotic All-Floor vacuum Cleaner. Smart. Powerful. Methodical.

Neato robotics is based out in California's Silicon Valley. Neato Robotics was founded on the idea that it's possible to create robots that are smart enough to perform household chores as intelligently as a human would. Their engineers and scientists dream big and innovate tirelessly with the promise of making all of our lives clean and simple. Their goal is to free everyone from the drudgery of household cleaning.  Make sure to check out the Interview with Max Safai, Neato Robotics CEO:


Neato XV-11 comes with a 30 day, money back guarantee and a one year limited warranty from the manufacturer.  It is recommended to purchase from a reseller that offers an extended/lifetime warranty like Hammacher Schlemmer:

Before I start, I want to thank you for reading this review.  If this is your first time reading one of my reviews, I am 100% unbiased!  This Neato XV-11 wasn’t given to me as a “Present” or a “Review” unit from Neato.  This is off the main production line so rest assured that mine is not “beefed” up in any way, shape, or form.  I am very harsh on all of my reviews.  I am for the members of, and for other people who read my reviews.  My thoughts/views might be different than what you experience.  There are way too many variables that unfortunately I can’t test in my home.


Un-boxing Neato XV-11:

Unboxing the Neato was a pleasure.  Hammacher-Schlemmer used an oversized box, with plenty of air-pillows to protect the Neato’s box from any harm.  They provided a return sticker (Pre-paid shipping), so it’s good to keep all of the packaging in the case that you need to get it exchanged/returned at any time. 

The Neato box is very sturdy.  Once I started unpacking the robot, they took pride in how it was packaged to keep the contents protected.  They did a very good job and I am impressed.

Package Contents:

The package contains: Neato XV-11, charging base w/power adapter, Dust Bin (Which is installed), a 15’ roll of boundary marker (Which is a magnet), the user guide, Quick Start Card, and an extra filter.


Owner’s Manual/Quick Start Guide:

                The Quick Start guide was easy to follow and gives the new owner information to get their Neato charging.  The Owner’s Manual covers the different aspects of the XV-11, and is a good read while you’re letting your Neato charge.  It says to charge it until the green light goes solid, which I did.  It was unclear as to how long one should charge it for the first time.  The members who own a Roomba would say for 16 hours.  I would suggest charging it at least for 10 hours.  It is not documented as of yet.  Hopefully we will get that information soon.


The base houses the charger brick, and has a compartment to store the extra cord if it’s not needed.  You can also route the cord on either side of the charging base.  If someone needs to, they can remove the cord and brick and plug it directly into the Neato. The base has a transparent window and 2 long horizontal contacts located on a spring.  I’m sure the longer contacts help aid the successful docking rate.  I actually didn’t have to move the docking base around like I did with their competitor.

The XV-11:

The dimensions of the robot are: 12.5” x 13” x 4”.  The buttons on the robot are very easy to press and are understandable in what they do.  There is a status light (Around the Power button), which lets you know the current status of the XV-11.

Those are:

Solid green - The vacuum is fully charged and is ready to clean.

Pulsing green – The XV-11 is almost fully charged.  If needed, the robot can start a cleaning cycle.

Pulsing amber - The XV-11 is currently charging.  During this status, the robot can’t start a cleaning cycle until it turns to pulsing green or solid green. IF a cleaning cycle starts during this status, the robot will start after it turns to pulsing green

Solid amber - When the XV-11 shows this color, the robot is telling you something to perform before it can start its next cleaning cycle. The XV-11 needs attention.


There is a button right under the LCD window which serves as a multi-function button.  The functions of that button changes depending on which screen you are in.  You have the big orange power on/off/start button, an up arrow button, a down arrow button, and a button in which takes you to the previous screen.

The dust bin is very easy to get to, and is easy to empty out.  If you turn over the XV-11, you can easily remove the brush guard with the clips, and remove the brush to clean the debris out if needed.  There are 2 cliff sensors which you might need to wipe with a cloth every once in a while (If the Neato warns you about it).


Programming the XV-11:

Programming the Neato XV-11 is very easy.  First off, you will want to set the time.  You need to press the Menu button, and scroll to select “Set Clock”.  After you follow the easy prompts to set the clock, you can navigate to “Schedule” to start scheduling the Neato with your preference.  You can program the Neato to start one time per day for 7 days.  Unfortunately you can’t have the Neato start automatically twice a day.  You could manually start the Neato one time and let it start automatically for the second time.


Navigating the home:

The Neato XV-11 is equipped with onboard Room Positioning System (RPS) technology, a revolutionary system developed by Neato Robotics that combines laser vision with mapping.  With RPS technology, the robot uses laser light to see its surroundings and create accurate maps of areas to be cleaned - including furniture, objects and doorways.  The robot constantly updates its map of the room, so if a new object is added into the room during a cleaning run, the robot will add it to the map.

Navigating throughout the home the first time went ok.  I decided to not vacuum for a couple of days while the cats decided to bring in leaves/etc from the outside.  This is truly a test to see how close the Neato can vacuum close to the walls/objects without having a side spinning brush.  They claim this is not necessary due to the suction Neato creates.  I have noticed that I need to Neato-Proof the house like the competitor.  The Neato likes to climb onto things.  It did back off of the cat condo well, but it got stuck on the treadmill legs (Folded up).  It is really cool to see how it navigates the home.  It first starts out by vacuuming the perimeter first, and then works on the middle of the room.  It navigated underneath my kitchen table and chair legs nicely.

The second run went much better.  I used up the entire included boundary marker to keep Neato away from a few problem areas (cat condo, and entry way).

Different Rooms:

The XV-11 stays in the first room and does detect the hallway and the doorways precisely.  It stayed in the Living Room for ~30 minutes, and moved onto the hallway.  I decided to use the boundary marker strip to block the kitchen (Temporarily).  We have a small rug laid down on the kitchen/dining room threshold, which I ‘hid’ the strip. The XV-11 went to the (hidden) strip and backed away. This is great for people who don’t want to see the strip(s) they use throughout their home.  I really like how the Neato XV-11 handles the different rooms.  No need for extra devices with batteries needing to be replaced every now and then to handle a large home.



RPS Infrared Laser Sensor data:

  • Wavelength:                      785 nm
  • Pulse Rep Frequency:    1.8 kHz
  • Pulse Duration:                 200 µsec
  • Peak Power:                      2.1 mW
  • Beam Diameter:               2.3 mm
  • Beam Divergence:           -1.5 mrad



Neato claims that the vacuum is much stronger than their competitor, iRobot.  They are right.  When it first starts up, it sounds like a jet is getting ready for ‘take off’.  Putting my hand close to the exhaust, it really moves the air.  I believe that the vacuum is part of the key to keep the brush free from debris.  I don’t have a meter, so I can’t run any tests as to how much flow it produces.


LCD Display:

The LCD display is very easy to read under all light conditions due to it being backlit.

Current Firmware:

Dust Bin:

The dust bin is very easy to empty.  The size of the dust bin is 660cc.  You lift the dust bin which is housed on the top of Neato, pull out the filter and gently tap the contents into a trashcan.  Replace the filter and place the dust bin back in the vacuum.  Neato recommends that the dust bin is emptied out every run which is a good idea.  I swap the filters out every run.  When I take the dirty filter out, I clean it with soap/water, and place the clean (Dry) filter in the Neato.  When it was about ½ done with the living room/dining room, I felt the exhaust, and it seemed like it was blocked. I decided to empty out the dust bin.  There was a lot of junk in there.  No wonder why I couldn’t feel any exhaust coming out of the robot.  Once I emptied it I sent the robot back on its way cleaning.  I would recommend emptying out the Neato ½ way through the first few runs so it can get your home clean and it is able to keep up on the debris on the floor.  Notice how much dirt/debris was collected on its first run!!  How nasty!


Finding the home base:

The XV-11 found the home base the first time with ease.  It finished about ½ of the master bedroom, and the second bathroom.  It still needed to finish the bedroom and the master bathroom.  I noticed that the vacuum motor turned off.  I went to the bedroom, and the XV-11 said it was looking for the home base.  It found the home base with no issues at all and started charging.  Once it was finished charging, it went right back to the master bedroom and finished the home.  It took 2 runs to cover the whole house the first run.  The second day it ran once and covered the whole house.  I’m guessing that the battery was not at its peak performance.  So far the XV-11 has found the base 100% of the time.  I’m not sure if other people will have this 100% success rate that I’m having, but if it’s anything like their competitor, all they need to do is to move the base around to find the ‘sweet spot’.


Roomba 560 vs. XV-11:






















  • It’s very easy to maintain.
  • The XV-11 doesn’t require any additional electronic devices (ie, Lighthouse) to cover a larger home.
  • No debris/hair caught wrapped around the brush.
  • Maps the environment, and knows where it has been, and constantly updates its surroundings.
  • If it doesn’t finish the home in one charge, the XV-11 will return to the base to charge and finish where it left off (Up to 3 times).
  • It provides greater suction than the competitor.
  • It cleans the home methodically.
  • It has the ability (Algorithm) to get itself unstuck if it gets stuck on furniture (Watched this happened twice in my home).





  • It easily gets stuck on (Some) furniture/items compared to the competitor (Used the included barrier strip to rectify this).
  • It’s a little louder than the competitor.
  • If a person has to block a room in the middle, the barrier strip would look awful, and there is the potential of someone tripping on it.
  • One item that I didn’t see at the time of writing this review is a replacement belt.  I’m not sure how long the belt is supposed to last, but if it’s like a vacuum belt, it is going to break and will eventually need to be replaced.  Hopefully we won’t have to worry about the belt for a while, but it would be nice to know if we can replace it, or if the whole robot needs to be returned.
  • The vacuum is so powerful that when it cleans about ½ of the home, the filter gets fully clogged and reduces suction.  When I’m home, I just stop the XV-11 when it’s ½ way done and empty out the dust bin and clean the filter.
  • It’s missing the Roomba’s patented Dirt Detect feature. I believe that no one else can add this feature, due to patent infringements.  After several runs, the Neato doesn’t need it.



I’m dubbing the Neato XV-11 “The Roomba Killer”.  The XV-11 is designed to cover larger homes efficiently, and is smart enough that it actually maps your home (and can retain it if it needs to return to the base to recharge before it finishes your home).  It is very easy to maintain between runs.  Just empty out the dust bin and when the Neato asks, clean the drop sensor(s) with a dry cloth.  The price is comparable to the Roomba, and actually costs less than the model which contains the lighthouses.  Granted, it’s unknown how long the components will last, but I’m all for trying out a new robot to clean my floor.  So far, it looks very promising.  My floors are clean; I’m doing less in maintaining the Neato.  I’m sure your mileage may vary due to the different environment.  Please take this review as a basic “Guide”, and use your best judgment to see if the Neato would work in your environment.  For me, I’m totally pleased.

I plan on revising this review down the road to include any new information that appeared after writing this review.  Hopefully they will all be positive with a long life span, but if they are negative, I will post them also.


EDIT:  (09/17/10) My XV-11 has been plagued with the Clock reset, as well as the thumping on hard floor.  I am sending my XV-11 in for them to check it out, and they will send me a new one with these issues fixed.  Hopefully these are the only issues the XV-11 has.  I will keep updating this review.


The belt issue

Chris, like you I'm concerned with belt performance and the replacement process. I've disassembled my Neato farther than a customer would normally do. I can see the motor, transmission housing and belt. This will not be a customer replaceable part, IMHO.

Vic, Thank you for the

Vic, Thank you for the reply. Hopefully the belt will last for a long time. This is the only thing I found that could cause downtime by needing to be sent in for service.


Regards, Chris

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Edge cleaning

Chris, you mentioned something about a "test to see how close the Neato can vacuum close to the walls/objects without having a side spinning brush. They claim this is not necessary due to the suction Neato creates." How well did it do? With 3 dogs and dog hair that managed to collect along the room edges, I'm concerned about that. Excellent review, thanks!

I don't see the buildup of

I don't see the buildup of cat hair around the edges (So far). I have 2 cats. I'm still waiting to see how well it does on the edge cleaning for a longer period. I feel it's still a bit too early. But so far, it's doing great. If there is something that I forgot to cover, please let me know and I will try to answer it for you.


Regards, Chris

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Hey Fraggboy :D

Great review! :) Thanks. I can't wait until I get mine. LOL ;D

[b]Tested:[/b] Roomba 620 780 782e 870, Scooba 230 5800 385 390 450, Braava 320 240, Samsung SR8855 SR8895 SR8980 SR10F71, Neato XV-11 XV-15, Electrolux Trilobite ZA2.0, Vileda 100 Virobi, Hobot 168 188 268 My YT channel:

What about a Norwegian version?

Could I buy this and use it in Norway? Is it possible to buy some sort of transformer 220 volt to 110 volt. I guess I cannot plug the charger into a 220 volt outlet? Regards, Hjalmar

Yes, you can buy it through

Hjalmar, you can buy it through Hammacher Schlemmer or (at least in theory). It doesn't need additional step-down transformer as its built-in transformer is for 100-240V and 50/60Hz. Only thing which you need is plug adapter.

[b]Tested:[/b] Roomba 620 780 782e 870, Scooba 230 5800 385 390 450, Braava 320 240, Samsung SR8855 SR8895 SR8980 SR10F71, Neato XV-11 XV-15, Electrolux Trilobite ZA2.0, Vileda 100 Virobi, Hobot 168 188 268 My YT channel:

Rated 4/5. If it had spot

Rated 4/5. If it had spot clean, I'd give it a 5. It's kind of a pain if you spill something in the kitchen and just want it to clean that area. Too much trouble to strip off the area first. Other than that it's a great vacuum, and beats my old Discos. Nothing close to the amount of hair buildup on the beater brush. I think I've convinced a few friends who have seen it to get one too.

But XV-11 has up-date option

But XV-11 has up-date option and probably can be configured in the near future, so maybe it will be a possibility to add additional functions like "spot mode" ?

[b]Tested:[/b] Roomba 620 780 782e 870, Scooba 230 5800 385 390 450, Braava 320 240, Samsung SR8855 SR8895 SR8980 SR10F71, Neato XV-11 XV-15, Electrolux Trilobite ZA2.0, Vileda 100 Virobi, Hobot 168 188 268 My YT channel:

Great Review

Very good review and looking forward to more updates. So far I have been pleased with what I am hearing and looking forward to the day mine arrives. Now the key is reliability, how it holds up to repeated use long after the excitement has faded. When it becomes where I don't even think about it anymore other than emptying the bin then I will be even more pleased. Time will now tell.

Neato's height should be expressed by two values

Chris -- Excellent work in putting together this review of the Neato! When I got down to reading the Neato vs. 560 features comparison table, one thing stuck out at me right at table top: Neato is taller than Roomba. But, for my interests that over-all height (bridge clearance) number is much less important to me than is its toe-kick clearance. It is Neato's range-finder enclosure that sets bridge clearance, while all around that enclosure Neato's top surface is much lower than four-inches. It is that smaller vertical dimension that prescribes a minimum toe-kick vertical dimension. That is why I suggest that Neato's height be expressed by two values, one to predict under-passing potential, and one which indicates the minimum toe-kick height that Neato can fit under. I'll not be surprised to learn that Neato will fit within smaller toe-kick heights than a Roomba.

Awesome Review.. few questions though

I am so surprised that iRobot has ignored the several recommendations of adding a laser mapping device. I have been an iRobot user for quite some time, until recently I got a new 560.. Super disappointed at the amount of hair build up the brushes. We have 2 Dogs papillon (Very hairy), and a boxer, and a Cat. Our house is 90% tile. The new 560 units SUCK compared to the discovery's. I have been waiting for a solution like the Neato, but I have to ask, how wife friendly is it? Will I get the notorious "The Damn Robot needs its brushes cleaned AGAIN" (after every cleaning) the Wife cannot do this... she thinks its nasty. ___Regarding the height issue. The iRobot gets stuck under my couches because of the sensor head. If only it was a little higher it would not go under at all.. (problem solved with the Neato!) Sorry I just think couch risers look tacky.. and they slip all the time.___ I have not seen any pics of this units underside... can you post this? I cant imagine that iRobot will not be coming out with something to compete on this level.. Awesome to see some real competition in this market! ___No more are the days when I watch and get frustrated at the disco cleaning the same place 10 times!, or get stuck under a chair bouncing its way around getting stuck over and over.

Transition strips

In my home there are transition strips from hardwood to carpet and vinyl. These transition strips are raised slightly. Will the Neato travel over these and continue to clean or will it "bump" into it and turn away? Thank you for the great review.

Pictures underneath are

Pictures underneath are located here: There are quite a few pictures of the Neato taken apart. The Neato should transition over the threshold. One of my threshold's in my home is 1/4" and the Neato doesn't have any issues


Regards, Chris

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Neato Laser vacuum

I hate to vacuum and thought the Neato would be the answer to my prayers. I bought and then returned the Neato after the first use. The pile on my living room carpet is quite high. The Neato seemed to get lost, kept going around the legs of chairs and tables, missed some parts of the room (including the edges around the baseboards and some large areas), and went over other areas again and again. At the end the living room looked like a Zen rock garden with lines and swirls in the carpet pile caused by the Neato's meandering wheel tracks. I finally had to use my standard vacuum cleaner to go over the entire room several times to get out the grooves left by the Neato's wheels. I then used the Neato on other rooms with a lower pile carpet. Grooves weren't a problem but the Neato still missed some areas, kept going back over other areas (particularly where furniture legs were involved), and got hung up on the feet of pedestal tables and chairs. I wanted the Neato to work for me and was disappointed I had to return it.

Day Two with Neato

After a short trial with a Mint, I decided I needed a machine with suction. Having never owned a robotic vacuum before I was impressed when I saw the Mint in a local Bed Bath and Beyond. I live in a single story home with all hard wood floors, two dogs, and several area rugs. The problem I ran into with the Mint was that it would push the hair balls around on the floor and then into the edges of the area rugs where they would stay until I came along to pick them up. Enter Neato. So far, I have been extremely impressed with the navigation abilities of the Neato and how well it is able to maneuver around the house and furniture with minimal bumping. My biggest concern thus far has been its inability to accurately get dust/fur balls out of corners of the room. Even with suction power on the hardwood floors, the dust/fur balls remain untouched. When the Neato turns corners of a room, it seems that instead of it backing up to vacuum in the corner with its flat front (not round like Roomba), it passed by leaving the corner untouched. Because of this, I have now been researching the iClebo Smart from Korea and the Samsung Navibot which both feature side spinning brushed like the Roombas. I want to maintain the same suction power but feel I need spinning brushes on the side to help. I really wish the Neato included these. Is it safe to believe these spinning brushes do an adequate job of removing debris from corners of a room? I also wonder if a regular brush (like Roomba) in lieu of the rubber one the Neato includes would do a better job of lifting fur from carpets. Any and all help is appreciated! -Mike

Fringed carpet

We are robot vacuum "newbies" and just considering whether one of these fascinating devices will work in our home. Most of our rooms are hard wood floors with area rugs, many of which are orientals with fringes. How does Roomba or Neato handle fringed carpets? Also, has anyone had experience with the Roomba 610 Professional Series? Better/worse than the 560 or the Neato? Thx!

Neato Review

Fraggy, you mentioned a problem with loud thumping on hard floors. Was this resolved to your happiness, and how?

It was due to the larger

It was due to the larger squeegee. Neato will replace it for free and then thumping will go away.


Regards, Chris

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Neato vs Roomba

I saw the Neato XV-11 in Hammacher's catalog after having bought a Roomba 560 a month ago there. Roomba's cleaning performance seems superb, but its logic sometimes seems insipidly dumb. I have to complain about iRobot's customer service: I'm deaf, so can't hear the verbal error messages, and suggested to iRobot they have it display the error number in one of the 7-digit LEDs. Their representative replied that “iRobot does not accept customer suggestions.” Huh? They've just lost a customer. I was intrigued by the Neato, and think I'd've probably liked that better.

We have two cats (parasites…): One is a ragdoll that sheds oodles of downy hair, and cleaning the Roomba's rollers and bearings after the weekly run is a royal pain. Watching her react to the Roomba is hilarious! Even though the Roomba has good suction, at Christmastime it seems to have difficulties picking up tree needles and tinsel debris. We have a waterbed, and cleaning the carpet under the headboard used to be impossible, but with a robot that can get under there, it's clean now.

The XV-11's magnetic strips seem like a much better barrier mechanism than iRobot's virtual walls and lighthouses. I also like the XV-11’s firmware upgradeability.

One last thing to this post: We got a Scooba as well, and it's a superb floor cleaner.

Neato and pet hair

How is the Neato handling pet hair? Has anyone (you out there Vic?) torn into it enough to see if it will have the same problems Roomba has? Thanks! L

So far so good. The pet hair

So far so good. The pet hair has been minimized. Very little on the brush ends. Some hair gets wrapped around the brush, but so far it's handling the pet hair extremely well.


Regards, Chris

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I have to say Neato seems very appealing thanks to your thorough review. Personally wouldn't consider it serious competition for Roomba as a whole unless they release lower priced models in the future. Like many, I'm on a fixed income and would not be able to justify spending $400 on a robot vacuum unfortunately.

This is a great robovac!!!

I hope this robovac takes out the roomba


I have had my Neato for 1 month and run it every day. I love everything about it except the edge cleaning is poor. It will suck up animal hair as I have two dogs and a cat in the house and the hair is no longer a problem. However, I find particals of dirt along the edges of the walls and cabinets and of course in corners. I vacuum once a week just the edges and corners to complete the cleaning. I have severe back pain and even the dyson ball was painful to use, so I am very happy with my neato. My house is much cleaner because I could not vacuum everyday as my neato does, so vacuuming the corners and edges once a week is not so big a deal. I would say if you are not buying one because of concern about the edge cleaning then don't worry its well worth it in other ways. Just don't expect the edge cleaning to be perfect. As I said it does get the pet hair on the edges and corners.

How many rooms will the robovacs clean?

Hi, There must be a limit to how big the house can be. Can anyone relate their personal expeiences about this? My home is 18squares and has 7 rooms plus a hall way. Id like to think 1 robovac would do the job. Thanks, John.

What about battery chemistry?

We are long time Roomba users of just about all the different models, and I HATE the sorry batteries that they insist on using. You just cannot get a Roomba battery to give much service life (number of recharges, not run time). It seems like we get about 100 uses (recharges) of the Roomba batteries, and then the battery just won't provide any power run more than 5 minutes even though we've meticulously cleaned it to insure no unnecessary drag on the moving parts. And those batteries are too dang expensive to just replace them all the time. The frustration is that there are great battery chemistries out there that have almost unlimited service life, but no one in the robot vac world is using them, undoubtedly because they cost more. I'd jump all over the Neato if it had a type of battery that would take lots of recharges without croaking. I can't find anything about type of battery on the manufacturer's web site. Can you tell me what type of battery is being used in the Neato? And how far along you are with extended use to judge service life of that battery? Thanks......... Bob R.

Will the Neato go over my transition pieces?

I have laminate flooring throughout my house with transition pieces (T-molding) in each of the doorways. The transition pieces are roughly about 1/4 inch taller than the rest of the flooring. Will the Neato be able to cross the transition pieces?

The laser is with belt too...

The Laser scanning system is with belt too.

Dog food on the floor?

My dog makes a mess in the kitchen when eating. She get pieces of dry dog food on the floor all around her bowl. Will the Neato XV-11 vacumm them up? Thankx in advance for any answers.

Neato Batteries

I spoke with the people at RobotShop, and they informed me the batteries in the Neato are NiMH. And when the batteries need replacement, they are replaced in pairs.

Previous and Current Robots:

Roomba Discovery 4210 (R.I.P. - Freecycled)
Roomba 560 (retired)
Neato XV-11 SW version 3.1.17844, LDS version 2.6.15295, with Pet Brush and Vic's filter (sold)
Neato Botvac 80 SW version 1.1

Maybe a Roomba 560 killer,but there's always the 581...

the rotating sidebrush on round robotic vacuum models solves the ‘corneringproblem’ wisely, and it works perfectly, I have my Roomba for over a year now, its bin is full of dust every time it docks and it leaves no corners untouched, this means to me that it works just as well as this awkward looking Neato, maybe even better... I’ve got a thick carpet on which you can realy see the difference after every pass of my roomba (a 581 with a more potent aerovac bin). in over a year of daily use it never ever got stuck or stopped working for any reason what-so-ever. True, that Neato's a smart little guy, with its lasertech and stuff, a roomba more or less relies on chance rather then brains to make sure its covered every square inch but until now, my 581 has had no issues at all with coverage, it may be less efficient while cleaning 'randomly' but the latest, longer lasting battery has more than enough juice to put up with the roomba's doubletracking. I have a short-haired medium size dog and a long-haired normal size(:-p) housemate, the brushes need cleaning after every third or fourth run, depending on the amount of dust and debris brought in that day. Each and every time I come home from work, I find my 581 properly docked, ready to take on another day of dirt- and dustbusting after a good night sleep... I would love to take on a housecleaning challenge with the Neato ANY TIME!!


I think you need at least 2 robots. Neato doesn't do corners and 2 Neatos would be super loud. I know that Neato will charge itself then come back out again if it doesn't have enough energy to clean it on a single charge but I think only does that once. A Karcher RoboCleaner or the Roomba 780 is most likely better.

roomba killer-interesting

i have the neato and its awesome! but i don't think its a roomba killer----yet

Update about the Belt and Bateries?

Dear Chris, Thanks for your review, very clear and now I am really thinking about buying the XV-15! It has been a while now since the review and there have been some questions about the duration of the driver Belt and the batteries. If you are still reading the replies to this review, can you share some more information about those issues please?

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