Roomba 780 vs Neato XV-11 - Head to Head!

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The iRobot Roomba 780 and the Neato XV-11 go head to head.  Who comes out on top?




What are the prices for each one?
    Neato XV-11: $399.99
    Roomba 780: $599.99

What are the dimensions of the robots?
    Neato XV-11: 12.5” x 13” x 4”
    Roomba 780: 13.9” diameter, 3.6” height

How easy was it to set up each robot?
    Neato XV-11: It was easy to set the robot up.
    Roomba 780: It was easy to set the robot up.

How well did they clean in your home?
    Neato XV-11: It cleaned my home very well in 1 charge.
    Roomba 780: It cleaned my home very well in 1 charge.

How well did they navigate in your home?
    Neato XV-11: It navigated my home OK.  It would get ‘lost’ in my short hallway repeaditley.
    Roomba 780: By using the included Lighthouses, it has no issues navigating my whole home.

What percentage did each robot return to the base on its own?
    Neato XV-11: I would say about 50% of the time I would have to re-position it on the base to charge, or it wouldn’t find the base at all. (I didn’t pick up the Neato, or do anything to change its map).
    Roomba 780: It has found the dock 100%.

Why do you have to clean the brushes in the Roomba and not the XV-11?
In my opinion, the brush on the XV-11 doesn’t contain any bristles to attract and keep the hair trapped!  It’s much easier to clean the hair off of the rubber brush in the Roomba, right?  Same goes for the XV-11.  If iRobot were to change the bristle brush for another rubber brush, or something like XV-11’s then I think it wouldn’t keep so much hair. (Just my $0.02 worth).

If that’s the case then, which brush picks up more hair/debris?
I honestly can’t answer that. I would ‘think’ that the bristle brush would agitate the carpet more than just a rubber brush.  Plus the bristles act like little “grabbers” to the hair/debris.

How easy is it to clean the robot after a run?
    Neato XV-11: It is very easy to clean the Neato.  Pop out the dust bin,  remove the filter and tap into the trashcan.  Didn’t have to clean the brush as often.
    Roomba 780: It takes more time to clean.  I have to remove the dust bin, swing the partial cover and, tap into the trashcan.  Remove 2 HEPA filters and do the same.  Then, I remove the CHM cover, remove both brushes, and clean the hair wrapped around the ends.

What are the MAJOR differences between both robots?
    Neato XV-11: Uses Mapping technology to know where it has cleaned.
    Roomba 780: Uses Lighthouses to help break up the home into smaller ‘Zones’ to assist in cleaning thoroughly.

What are the flaws in the robots?
    Neato XV-11:

1) Mapping technology is still new.  

2) The turret is a target for debris entry in which results in a RPS error.

3) The fins on the brush prematurely wears down.

4) There has been claims of battery issues within the first 6 months of use.

5) The belt opening is a target to allow debris to enter the robot.

Roomba 780:

             1) Despite the CHM re-design, it MIGHT allow debris to enter the gearbox (It has not been           determined as of yet).

             2) Both brush ends are full of hair in which you have to take extra time to get clean.

             3) Lighthouses need batteries in which you have to replace every so often.

What are the strong points in the robots?
    Neato XV-11:
        1) It’s using new technology to map the surroundings.
        2) It actually uses a beater bar like the larger vacuums.
        3) Competition is always good for the consumers (To drive price down).

    Roomba 780:
        1) It uses HEPA filters.
        2) New CHM design (It’s still not determined if the weakness has been fixed).
        3) Extended-Life Power Management  (Extend battery life - Still to be determined).

What are the warranty terms on the robots?
    Neato XV-11: 1 Year (Domestic) Warranty
    Roomba 780: 1-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty On Robot, 6-Month Manufacturer's Limited Warranty On Battery.

What does it mean when it says “Limited Warranty”?
The iRobot limited warranty shall not apply to failures or problems which are caused by products or equipment not authorized by iRobot Corporation.

Which robot would you prefer in your home?
    I would prefer the XV-11 to be running in my home, but with the RPS errors, LCD screen anomalies, not docking correctly, and (Finally hitting the last nail on the coffin) the wheel spring broke.  I know each of these things are trivial.  But, they stopped the robot from working in my home.  I only had the XV-11 for a month before it had to be replaced.  Hopefully when Neato matures and stays on top of the game, they can provide the consumers with a reliable robotic vacuum.  So, for right now the Roomba will be working in my home.  Sure, it has the downfalls, but I know I can rely on it working.  I KNOW exactly what the flaws are.  If they have fixed the CHM to where hair/debris doesn’t enter the gearbox, then I’m happy.  Sure, I have to clean the brush ends, and it might take me a little longer to clean the robot.  I’m OK with that.  If I want perfection (And could afford it), I would have a Karcher in my home (One day). ;)




I still prefer Roomba :)

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Good review mate. It's strange you're having issues with docking. I believe the RPS errors have been fixed in the lastest firmware (board rev 113). I've got two neatos (one at home and one at with me in the states) both have worked perfectly. I've also purchased one for my parents and it's working great for them also. Never seen the LCD errors, but read about them in some forums, but again i'v ehad no issues there. I am placing my bets on Neato to continue delivering innovation and some great competition to iRobot who really have not changed their designs or approach lately to robotics (also where are new products? not vacuums) Cheers

Great review with lots of

Great review with lots of good points. As to the docking issues with the XV-11 not charging all the time, seems to be helped by putting it on a hard (tile / wood) surface. I do, but I still get the occasional mis-dock. The RPS errors are a pain, and requires blowing out dust with compressed air once or twice a month to keep in in check. I'll still take that over cleaning out the brushes every cleaning like I did with my Roombas. Neato actually replaced my first XV-11 due to a lot of RPS errors, which worked out as I got the new board revision, and it seems more robust. One thing I'd point out on the XV-11, it's vacuum is something like 5 times stronger than the regular Roomba's. That's a big part of why less hair gets around brush, and why the Aerovac Roombas also get less hair tangled. I'm patiently waiting for the new firmware that's suppose to add detangling and spot cleaning. It's already in the new shipping XV-11s.

I have both, and like the XV-11 better

I have owned both for about one year. I have a two-story house, and have each floor cleaned by one of the robots, but swap them every few weeks. Both do a great job, but overall I like the Neato best. First, while at first it had some trouble navigating to the base, after the latest updates it no longer does and finds the base 100% of the time. The Roomba returns to base most of the time, but in the upper floor, composed of a hallway with eight rooms connected through it, it tends to get lost often. Second, the neat cleaning pattern of the XV-11 leaves carpets looking much better. It is almost like a Football field before the game, with tidy stripes going alternatively in each direction. The Roomba's random pattern doesn't look as nice on the carpet. Finally, the Neato never gets tangled, while the Roomba has had problems with my carpets fringes, has eaten (and even cut) my kids console's controllers cables and other cables it has found on the floor and has gotten stuck somewhat more often. Finally, cleaning the brushes of the roomba is a chore. Sometimes I feel like I spend more time cleaning the Roomba than the Roomba cleaning my house. That said, the Roomba DOES clean better along the edges (which is the reason why I swap them every once in a while). But that's not enough. The Neato XV-11, at least after the latest updates, wins hands down in my house, and while its cylon looks and uncanny intelligence sometimes scare me a bit, I am beginning to fall in love with my own Number Six.

Roomba 780 Beats up the XV-11!!!

I have bought the Neato XV-11 and Roomba 780. The Roomba is way better in every way possible! It is on a way higher level than the Neato. You can't even compare them them! Roomba wins hands down. My Roomba can though. Neato gets stuck on cords, Roomba doesn't. Roomba is alot quieter too. Also, Roomba uses a touchpad, not boring small buttons and a teeny tiny LCD screen likeNeato has. Roomba's filter is also better-not to mention that it has TWO HEPA filters. Roomba is also much more stylish and more reliable. Sure Neato makes a map, Roomba makes a map AND it has Virtual Wall Lighthouses that acts like a GPS which means Roomba cleans more efficiently. Roomba's AeroVac 2 Bin pulls the hair off its brushes so its easier to clean than Neato. Roomba may cost more, but its performance and design makes up 4 it. You'll never regret buying the Roomba. Roomba doesn't get stuck as easily as the Neato. My Neato has gotten tangled on shoe laces, ripped(literally) fan/phone/lamp wires and got lost EIGHT times in the hallway and TWICE in the Kitchen. I cleaned the sensors 4 times on the Neato and its base but it still gets lost. The worst thing about the Neato is that it scratches and damages your furniture. My Neato bumped and left marks on the bottom on my doors, lamp, chair legs, and table legs. But Roomba gently touches each obstacle it meets and goes around it. Roomba's battery last way longer too. The Neato can clean about 1 living room, 1 room + a bathroom on a single charge. The Roomba, however, cleans 2 living rooms + a kitchen + a bathroom. When I moved to a new house, I activated both bots @ the same time in the same room-fully charged. 1 hour later I checked the dust bins and the Roomba had about 1/3 more debris in its bin! I have meetings and parties @ my house at least once every week so with kids running around with food and a dog and a cat moving around 24/7 so I thought Roomba and Neato could spark things up. BIG mistake. The Roomba does 90% of the work! The Neato cleans faster on carpets than the Roomba but not as well. On other floors, Roomba cleans quicker and better than the Neato. The touchpad also makes Roomba much easier to use. Even my cat know how to use it. Neato-boring tradition classic buttons which means when its cleaning under something, the something may accidently hit one of the buttons and cause Neato to pause in its cleaning cycle. Neato only has 1 brush and 1 filter while Roomba has TWO counter rotating brushes and DUAL HEPA filters. In conclusion, Neato may be cheap and has an advantage on budget cuts and good for light duties, but you have to clean its base and senors/laser after every use for max efficiency, but Roomba is built for every mission you throw at it and it will sing its song when its done and back charging in its base. I just keep the Neato know for upstair light-duty chores and the Roomba for both light and maxium heavy duty ones.


probably bcuz iRobot has already reached the top. iRobot is literally the most popular robot in the world. My cousin in Hong Kong knows about the Roomba and Scooba. But when I showed him my Neato vs Roomba 780 video, he was like: wtf is that other robot next to roomba? iRobot makes robots for the military and they also made a socializing robot- ConnectR so imma guess iRobot is just waiting for sum competition :D


How can anyone take these comments seriously? Sorry if I sound harsh, I dont mean to but there are comments that are just way out there and can not be true. First off, there is no way possible that the roomba is more efficient than the neato. That was an impossible statement. The roomba goes over rooms randomly, while the neato actually moves in straight lines like you would vac your own carpet. All the virtual lighthouses are going to do is keep it in a room for 20 minutes then help guide it to the next room. The neato knows where the doorways are and guides itself through them when IT has finished cleaning, not when the virtual lighthouse tells it is done, like the roomba does. As for cleaning of the units, there is no way that it can be said that the roomba is easier to clean than the neato. The neato top bin is easily pulled out without every moving the neato and emptied. Brush cleaning is needed maybe once a week or two. That can not be said for the roomba. Again, another comment that is so far out our there that I can't believe the person actually wrote it. As for how many rooms the neato can clean. Mine cleans a living room, hallway, bathroom and computer room in about 35 minutes and still has plenty of power left. In fact, I can go start it again just after it docks and it can clean the living room, hallway, bathroom and 3/4th of the computer room again before it will go back to charge. Oh, and if it didnt get it all, it will charge, and leave the docking station on its own and go back and finish the job, right where it left off. My house is not a "lite" duty house either. I have 2 shelties and 2 cats, so I have a ton of hair everywhere. Now, I will say that the roombas bristle brush does get the pet hair up better, but I dont have to clean the neatos beater bar after every single cleaning. Don't get me wrong, I love my roombas and I love my neato. They both do a great job, however, I prefer my neato for its ease of cleaning and less maintenance. I have had my neato for 8 months and have never had to clean its laser housing or any of its sensors. I have not had my neato or my roombas to ever rip any cords off of anything, I have not had my neato put any marks on any furniture or walls, where I have had my older roombas beat the crap out of the walls. As for buttons, eh, thats a personal preference, but I am going to say that its going to be pretty dang hard for something to be able to push the buttons on the neato. They are hard push buttons to get them to activate or deactivate, so its virtually impossible for something to hit those buttons and cause it to pause. Some of your other points are valid and I wont argue them but you really made some claims that any real owner of a neato will know that is completely false.

I own both and recommend the Neato XV-11

Having both the Neato and Roomba I would definitely recommend the neato. I'm an engineer and the Neato is just built better and smarter. The neato has fewer issues with hair getting wrapped around the brushes and therefore requires less maintenance. And the neato has WAY more suction so for me picks up more dirt and debris.

Lidar mechanics dubious

Neato's Lidar is described as on a belt driven rotating platform. For precision and reliability with that sort of thing, direct connection to a servo motor would seem to be preferred. As for dust affecting it, one would think it could rotate past some sort of feathery brush or air stream. I am concerned with these reports of "rps" errors and wonder about the reliability of their sensor. They got the basic range-finder, but I don't know about the rest of it. They are getting wide distribution, though, someone must be satisfied. Sounds good if it can actually work reliably.

on efficiency. reply to legion ex machina

legion ex machina gave an interesting comparison of the robots and I agree with many points there. However, some claims are arguable, in particular, that the Roomba is way more efficient than Neato. Let's have a close look at what "efficiency" could consists of.

My opinion is that the efficiency of a robot consists of two parts:
1. How efficiently a robot covers a floor in a house (not just square room).
2. How efficient are the vacuum and brush systems.

I believe that everyone will agree that the Neato wins the first topic. Using mapping technology and covering every spot on a floor is undoubtedly more efficient than random movement and wall following. The only thing, which seems to be better in Roomba is its side brush that helps a bit doing corners.

The second topic is in fact more complicated. Roomba has two rotating brushes that may have better or worse efficiency than the beater brush of the Neato (which effectively beats debris out of a carpet). However, the Neato vacuum seems to have stronger suction, and the debris in the Neato bin seem to be more compressed than the Roomba's one. Yes, the Neato is more loud than the Roomba, but it confirms that the Neato has stronger vacuum, as the main source of the noise. So, why do you need a vacuum cleaner? To clean your home or to enjoy silence? :)

Thus, overall, I believe that the Neato is more efficient. However, to let the Roomba some credit, it still wins in reliability and, sometimes, in docking and wire handling issues.

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