Samsung R7070 Robot Vacuum Review

Hello Robo Community,


Check out my review of the Samsung R7070 Robot Vacuum:



Tesvor 500

I bought the Tesvor 500 because:

  • The maker was touting that their pattern cleaning was more efficient than random cleaning
  • They had a very competitive price.


Review of Xiaomi Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2nd Generation

Through out the year, Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner had been doing very good job and still keeping up the sale since product released. It earned very good reputation on the market. In my opinion, the first generation was successful launched and the product was nearly perfect.


Review of Haier XShuai Robot Vacuum Cleaner

I've always wanted a robotic vacuum cleaner, even more than my wife, as vacuuming was always my duty. But they all were so expensive and far from being perfect, that I just gave up this idea and decided to wait until they become cheaper and "smarter".

Robomow RX series mower for small to medium lawns. Finally there's an affordable robotic lawnmower!

Since I was so impressed with the Robomow I purchased several years back, I've been waiting for the price to come down so I can buy one for the other yard without carrying it over manually.

The Miraculous Roomba 960

I have owned 7 models of Roomba vacuums in the past decade. This is by far the biggest improvement I have seen so far! The quality and finish are top notch. It is fairly quiet for a vacuum cleaner. You can be talking on the phone or watching tv while it is in use. The iAdapt 2.0 navigation is phenomenal!

Pre-ordered JIBO, the World's First Family Robot

Hello.  Long time, no see.  I have been busy with my life, raising our new Son, who is 6 months old.  Let's say that my life has been turned upside-down, but in a great way!


Ecobee Smart Si Wireless Thermostat

In today’s technology, everything is being shifted to include remote/online access.  Home automation is becoming more and more popular.  We want to control our alarms, lights, cameras, and even our thermostats while away from home.  

Newer Technology Power2U Review

I was fortunate enough to receive a review unit to try out.   I thought it would be great to place it in the kitchen where my Fiance keeps her purse.

Kärcher Robocleaner RC3000 Review

I have wanted a Kärcher Robot Vacuum Cleaner for quite some time.  Back in 2009 I discovered that a 120v version of the Kärcher could be shipped to the United States, and that was the moment that I decided to start saving money to buy one. My Fiance agreed.  After 3 years, we finally have one sitting in our home, assisting us with vacuuming the floors.

Neato XV-11 vs Roomba 500 on carpet

Revised December 2013 -- Discoveries From Extended Use On Demanding Carpet

Neato vs Roomba, a Beginners' Guide

It seems as those there's a swell of interest in robot vacuums, so even though this is a fan/expert site, I'll start with something for newcomers: none of these things are a match for a neatnik armed with a first-rate regular vacuum.

Roomba 790 & 780 VS Neato XV-11 / XV-15 / XV-12 / XV-21 VS Mint VS Mint Plus

Bobsweep Intelligent Robot

OK, so I got my bobsweep in the mail a few days ago and since I found very few reviews when I was ordering mine, thought to write one myself and also ask you techies out there a question.

My review of the Roomba 780 cleaner

Just purchased an iRobot Roomba 780 cleaner and thought I would post my thoughts and observations after 2 weeks of ownership. I have previously owned 3 of the 5xx series of Roomba (a non-lighthouse 560, a lighthouse-enabled 560, and a 570). Some of these thoughts may be repeats of what other owners have reported.

Bobsweep Robotic Vacuum Review

The Bobsweep

Roomba 760 Pet Series wins over skeptical consumer who becomes marketing agent!

Okay, so it took so much energy to find a website that wasn't owned and operated by iRobot or run by robotics geeks, now that I am actually here I'm a little tired and not quite as passionate about my Roomba 760 Pet Series!  But, I'll give it a go.

Roomba 780 vs Neato XV-11 - Head to Head!

The iRobot Roomba 780 and the Neato XV-11 go head to head.  Who comes out on top?

FRIDA Humanoid Robot Review

FRIDA stands for Friendly Robot for Industrial Dual-Arm Assembly. The robot is inherently safe, which means that it can work next to people without safeguarding.

Review of LG VR6170LVM Hom-Bot (Roboking)

So, here is my first review. First, thank you for this site. I’m following this site about 6 months and I found it very helpful!

Yesterday I receive my brand new Hom-Bot (Roboking) VR6170LVM. I ordered it from ebay, direct from South Korea.

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